Release Day!

Today is the day!  My first book, The Demon’s Daughter, is officially released and available at all major ebook retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple iBooks.  Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a copy.  Also, for those who prefer a physical copy, it is now also available as a trade paperback through Amazon.

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The Demon’s Daughter – Chapter 2

Last free chapter before the book releases on August 4th.  Be sure to preorder!  The price is lower for the preorder ($2.99 preorder vs. $4.99 after release), so if you are going to order it you might as well save yourself a couple bucks.  Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks

Chapter 2

Lilith came out of her room the next morning expecting that Lamia would rehash the argument from the previous night, but apparently not. Lamia merely glanced up from her morning newspaper at the breakfast table, muttered “Good morning,” to her, and went back to her paper again.

Loverboy, thankfully, was gone. Lilith idly wondered how early Lamia had woken the poor SOB up to make sure he was out before breakfast. To her credit, Lamia made a habit of doing that to all her “visitors” ever since one especially creepy fellow spent the entire morning ogling Cara and Lilith. He finally propositioned a four-way while stuffing his face with a spoonful of Lucky Charms. It would have been truly disgusting if it hadn’t been so funny. Before Lilith had even processed what the guy had said, Lamia had thrown the dude’s cereal bowl in his face, grabbed him by the shirt collar, and dragged him across the apartment leaving a trail of soggy marshmallows and toasted oats in his wake. Then she threw him bodily out the door. Lilith would never have expected such force from a woman her size. But ever since then breakfast was strictly girls-only, and Lucky Charms became Lilith’s favorite cereal.

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The Demon’s Daughter – Chapter 1

Last week, I started posting free chapters of my forthcoming book The Demon’s Daughter beginning with the Prologue.  This week, I will continue with Chapter 1.  I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

A stray branch snagged Lilith’s shirt, ripping it, as she slowly eased her way along the bough that overhung her bedroom balcony.  “Dang it,” she hissed.  It was one of her favorite shirts, a rhinestone-studded black t-shirt that was cut just low enough to annoy her foster mother but not so low that she actually felt uncomfortable wearing it.  She was inspecting the damage to see if it was salvageable when she heard the sliding glass door open.

“Lilith Evangeline Mallory,” Lamia said slowly from the doorway, uttering each name as if it were a curse.  Between the full name treatment and the bulging vein on her forehead, it was clear that she was well and truly pissed.  “Curfew was three hours ago. This is a school night, young lady.  Now get off that tree before you fall and kill yourself.” Continue reading

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The Demon’s Daughter – Prologue

Leading up to the release of The Demon’s Daughter on August 4th, I will be release a few free sample chapters. Today I’m going to start with the Prologue.


The old wooden stairs leading down to the basement groaned under Turel’s feet.  The knife, which he had forged himself with a blade of sterling silver and wrapped with a handle of his own hair, felt unnaturally cold in his hand.  It was heavy—far too heavy for the weight of physical materials alone to account.  And it seemed to drain light from its surroundings, rendering the already poorly lit basement oppressively dark.  It had to be an effect of the enchantment he applied to it, but his grimoire had made no mention of it.

He paused at the bottom of the stairs and looked at the child, his child, whom he was there to kill. Continue reading

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The Demon’s Daughter – Coming Soon!

I’m excited to announce that my first novel, The Demon’s Daughter, will be released on August 4th and is now available for preorder as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBooks, and other ebook retailers. I will also be releasing a paperback version for those who prefer a physical copy, but I do not yet have a release date for that form. Stay tuned.

Why do a preorder?

It’s true that I am not exactly Stephen King or J.K. Rowling over here, with millions of adoring fans eagerly awaiting my next release and wanting to buy as early as possible. Even so, going with a preorder makes a certain amount of sense for me for a number of reasons:

  1. While I have a 100% completed draft, I still have some minor editing to do before I’m ready to distribute. The preorder gives me an opportunity to market something “real” and collect orders while I hunt out all them grammatical error and spelling mitsakes
  2. A hard deadline provides some extra motivation for me to accomplish the aforementioned editing in a timely manner. I’ll need to put off my usual procrastination until after August 4th
  3. Any preorders I do manage to get will officially be counted all at once on the release date

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